Soliant Voted Number 1 Most Beautiful Hospital 2019

  • Follow specific instructions from your physician, provider or nurse, for example, what to eat or drink before a procedure.
  • Bring slippers, pajamas, robe, shoes, a coat, and any toiletry items. You’ll need no more than three changes of clothing. You also might want your favorite books, magazines, laptop computer or tablet as Avera facilities provide free public Internet.
  • Any medications you bring with will be kept in a locker and returned to you at the time of your discharge, or sent home with a responsible family member. Inform your care team of any medications you’re currently taking.
  • Leave valuables at home. We are not responsible for the loss of jewelry, money or other personal property kept in your room. You are encouraged to keep no more than $5 in cash
  • Private inpatient rooms are large and include bathrooms.  They feature radiant floor heating, the latest patient monitoring systems & healthcare equipment, couches that fold into beds to accommodate family members who wish to stay the night, Wi-Fi, telephone, cable TV, and more.
  • Sunrooms/family areas are available for visiting family and friends.  They feature large windows, lots of seating room, large TVs, a double-sided fireplace, and games/activities for kids.